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Motorcycle FAQ - Motorcycle Frequently Asked Questions for Experienced Riders

Many experienced motorcycle riders still have questions about motorcycles. Maybe they're trading up to a different motorcycle and need some answers from other riders who already own those machines. Some riders have been out of action for as long as 30 years and want to get back in but everything has changed. The world of motorcycling is diverse and no one has all the answers.

The following are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) askied by experienced motorcycle riders. We provide some answers. Don't forget our highly popular Motorcycle Views Forum where you'll have the benefit of hundreds of daily visitors to help you answer more of your motorcycle questions. Just click Forum on the left side of any page of this site to reach our forum.

I'm riding again after a long absence. What should I do?
Well, bike technology has changed and riders are trying to be safer now. You'll need to get some more training. You may be OK without it but why take chances. Learn how to do it right this time around. Read more...

What are best motorcycle books?
If you're anything like me, you're reading everything you can about motorcycles. Want to know my picks for the best motorcycle books? Read more...

What are best motorcycle movies?
There are a lot of biker videos out there. Many are about gangs but you, at least, get to see world famous actors in their younger days. Read more...

How do I meet other motorcyclists?
Why not visit our two forums. These forums get thousands of visitors daily from all over the world. Get to know the colorful and knowledgeable riders who seem to have an answer for any question you may come up with. Click the Start Reading button when you get there. Take a look...

How can I talk to other motorcyclists?
Perhaps you'd like to interact in real time with other riders. Visit our chat room on Sunday, Monday and Thursday beginning at 9 p.m. ET. We get a mix of regulars from the forum and newcomers too. Get to know real riders and hear them discuss motorcycling and just about anything else too. This is a text chat. Just go to the forum and click the Chat tab at the top.

How do I maintain my bike?
Some riders choose to learn how to take care of their own bike. Others do some maintenance and let the shop do the rest. Still others let the shop do everything. We have provided some maintenance tips in our Resources FAQ. New tips will be provided from time-to-time. The Motorcycles Newsletter will keep you apprised of updates. Read more...

I may have to stop riding. Want to talk me out of it?
I'm hearing more and more of this as riders either are injured or have infirmities which make it difficult to ride a motorcycle. I see people like this at rallies gathered around the trikes and sidecar rigs wondering if 3-wheels is better than no-wheels. The easiest option is to get a trike, although it can be expensive. Read more...

How do I buy a motorcycle?
We provide some articles and other resources to assist you. The motorcycle magazines do a good job of testing most new motorcycle models. We give you an index to find these articles and certain online tests as well. We also have a User Reviews feature that allows our users to evaluate their own bikes so you can get their input. Read more...

How can I evaluate a motorcycle I'm interested in?
You can use our User Reviews feature. These reviews of motorcycles are submitted by our own Motorcycle Views site and forum users. You can also use our forum to seek advice on motorcycles and other motorcycle-related products. Read more...

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