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Motorcycle Blogs

Motorcycle blogs are an important way for motorcycle riders to keep informed about motorcycles. Important motorcycle blogs are listed here. Blog is a short term for weB log.

Americade Motorcycle Rally Day-by-Day Blog for 2008

Americade Motorcycle Rally Day-by-Day Blog for 2007

2006 Americade Motorcycle Rally Day-by-Day Blog

2006 BuRP Motorcycle Rally Day-by-Day Blog

2006 Wing Ding Motorcycle Rally Day-by-Day Blog

Motorcycle Views Blog
Motorcycle Views also has a blog. Get my personal views on the world of motorcycling, by Walter Kern.

Top 8 Motorcycle Views Blog Posts for 2007

Twisted Roads
Jack Riepe gives his always humorous take on the world of motorcycling.

HardRider Blog
I'm a sixty+ year old retired teacher, union leader, Viet-Nam vet, father, grandfather, husband, poet ,cook, and brewer of home brews. I'm passionate about all of these things but this blog isn't about that. This blog is about motorcycles and more specifically about riding motorcycles.

A motorcycling blog including writings about gear, touring, safety, training, books, video and commuting. I write about everything to do with motorcycling, from food to comedy to racing the Dakar and MotoGP.

QNBIKES -- Motorcycles.Design.Lifestyle.Magazine
We cherry pick and write about the coolest motorcycles. Some old, some new. We also write about our motorcycle adventures and kit that we wish we had.

VTwin Motorcycle Blog
VTwin Motorcycle Blog provides motorcycle news and trends. This isn't your normal motorcycle news feed where all the information is the same.

The Soul of a Motorcyclist by Ralph Couey
Any attempt to capture the emotion, the spirit, the joy of the ride in mere words can only fail. Yet in this blog, I write about riding, the practical and the spiritual parts of a sport that is a small part transportation, and a big part Zen.

Arizona Harley Dude
Just the ramblings of an old guy as he searches for the perfect two lane highway. It is now time to take the roads less traveled, slow down, and see what I have missed in the haste of my youth, by Paul Malone.

Uncaged Librarian
Personal Weblog of a woman librarian who comes out of her cage (car) and relates her experiences involving her motorcycle.

Bikes in the Fast Lane - A Motorcycle News Blog
A motorcycle daily news site with news on motorcycles, bikers, travel and adventure and motorcycle related Web sites, by Mike Werner

Iron Horse Biker Motorcycle Blog
This blog shares motorcycle news, events, tech advice, road trips and has a forum for Harley enthusiasts.

Motorcycle Bloggers Group
This blog covers various motorcycle topics based on the different backgrounds and riding experiences of its member contributors. The group also spreads the work load a little, by asking each member to post at least one article per day.

Why Bike? Motorcycles and Why We Ride Them
This site was created by Web designer, James Allgood, who is also a motorcyclist. He's been riding motorcycles for five years since graduating from college. Why Bike? He writes about motorcycles and why we ride them.

Scooter in the Sticks
Living in central Pennsylvania keeps this blogger, Steve Williams, isolated from urban riding. He rides a Vespa scooter and tells us about his adventures.

Redleg's Rides
Year-round riding reports and farkle reviews by a guy who started motorcycling in his mid-40s. Based in Colorado, and thoroughly hooked on the joys of long distance touring and exploring while riding.

Riding the Edge of India: A Woman's Solo Motorcycle Journey
In 1996, she rode a Royal Enfield Bullet motorcycle solo around the edge of India. She worked in India for three years prior to the journey. It was because she lived there so long and knew its diversity, that she wanted to get to know India's far-flung people first hand -- and through the journey, she discovered a new self. She is now writing a book about her adventures and is writing this blog.

BluepoofBikes Motorcycle Adventures
This blog is by Carolyn, a 27-year-old software engineer living in the Bay Area (CA), who has had her motorcycle license for four years.

Motorcycle Misadventures
A motorcycle travel writer's writings, readings, journeys, gear, and recommendations, by Carla King.

Blogging. All the cool kids are doing it.
Alex Pearsall's blog is mainly about motorcycles which he contends is his life.

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