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Bikerlady: Living & Riding Free! - A Motorcycle Book Review - Page 1

By Walter F. Kern

What is a Bikerlady?

This article is a review of a motorcycle book called Bikerlady: Living & Riding Free! by Sasha Mullins. This book is available through Citadel Press, Kensington Publishing Corp.

Here's a quote from Bikerlady that sums up what this book is about:

    "What comes to your mind when you think of who a bikerlady might be? We might not be what you imagine. We are mothers, daughters, sisters, wives, grandmothers, executives, farmers, artists, entrepreneurs, waitresses, chefs, school teachers, journalists, and more -- riding the open roads from all walks of life and bonding together as one giant goddess in the wind."

I'm not going to keep you in suspense. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I know you will too. I admit to being a bit biased since Sasha is a known personality around the Motorcycles site and forums.

Surprisingly refreshing is the fact that she knows how to write and can turn a phrase with the best of them. I'm extremely happy to endorse her first book and I know that you will get something important out of it whether you're male or female. If you like motorcycles and the motorcycle scene and want to read about it through the eyes of an artist, you can't help but like this book. With that said, I want to give you a more detailed review.

I've had the pleasure to watch the career of Sasha Mullins over the past couple of years as she began her quest to become a mainstream motorcycle photo-journalist. I read the articulate threads she started on my Motorcycles forum. I watched her early attempts to make herself known in motorcycle articles and reports for various magazines, She even was a guest writer on this site.

I saw her branch out into TV with her "Motorcycle Women" show on the Discovery Channel. I saw her give up her life in NYC to travel to the West Coast to care for her friend, Big Mike of the Dobbie Bros, who had been in a motorcycle accident.

She started talking about writing a book. Well you know that a lot of people talk about writing books so, as the project seemed to stretch out further and further into the future, I had to wonder. I knew the book would have interviews in it from women riders she had met in her travels. She even interviewed my wife, Jane, for the book. The last thing I heard about was a new TV show, "Biker Girls: Born to Be Wild," on The Learning Channel (TLC) that she was staring in with Race Girl, Vicki Gray. It was to become a series. Then that got postponed. Well, then I heard that her book was soon to be published. All her hard work might soon be paying off.

Well, I'm here to tell ya that Sasha Mullins has finally hit the big time with her first book, "Bikerlady: Living & Riding Free!"

Being the engineer that I was in a previous life, I first had to dissect the book to see how it was made. Some statistics. It's a big paperback (8-1/2 X 11) with 220 pages including 11 chapters, an epilogue, appendix, notes, and index. I may have missed an item or two here so don't hold me to exact numbers but it has 68 black-and-white photos spread throughout the book and 106 glossy color pictures spread in montage fashion across 24 pages. There are 160 separate stories written by women riders. Two of those women are from our own Motorcycles forum, Leilehua Yuen (BikerKumu) and Jane Kern (Customkat). 14 women's motorcycle clubs are discussed by the author and many women from these clubs tell their own stories.

Just what are these stories? They're inspiring personal stories of women who found that a motorcycle brought them newfound experiences, friends, associations, and challenges that enriched their lives and the lives of those around them.

Now read Page 2 to find out how an engagement ring was traded for a Harley and learn more about what's contained in the book.

=> Page 2: The Engagement Ring

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