Walter takes in the View from his motorcycle
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Pictures from BuRP 2006 Rally at Maggie Valley, NC -- July 12-15, 2006

We have 47 pictures from BuRP 2006. Be sure to click after each page for more pictures. The pictures show the action at the motel and the ride to the Wheels Through Time Museum. In particular, we have many shots of forum members so you can see what they look like.

Bill (BILLWOODHOST) unloads the trailer as Jane (customkat) watches.

Scott (SoloBear) talks while Jane (customkat) and Danny (motel host) listen.

I parked at the restaurant and when I came out, I noticed I was surrounded by SUVs. Note the loose potato on the drive. I kicked it to the grass shortly after I took this picture. Someone on a Harley somewhere must be wondering why his potato-potato-potato sound is missing.

Bill Wood

There was a lot of chrome on this Honda Gold Wing 1800.

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