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Motorcycle Forums - Message Boards About Motorcycles

By Walter F. Kern

Motorcycle forums (sometimes called motorcycle message boards) help you during all phases of motorcycling. The experienced members of these motorcycle forums will be able to answer almost any motorcycle question you have. You'll find a huge roster of members and a dedicated group of regulars who are in the motorcycle forums every day reading and responding to motorcycle messages.

Visit our Motorcycle Forum called the Motorcycle Views Forum. Here are a few discussions going on in our motorcycle forum right now. Join us:

Questions asked by motorcyclists never seem to end. When a person gets the bug to ride a motorcycle, there are many questions to get answered. If an experienced rider happens to be in their family or circle of friends, then the questions may be answered. Of course, some questions get no answers and some answers will be wrong or misleading. This doesn't help a newbie motorcycle rider to get a proper start.

Motorcycle forums let you post messages and get answers to your motorcycling questions. Motorcycle forums are sometimes called motorcycle message boards.

Motorcycle forums are not chat rooms. If you want to chat, you have to look for a chat room. Some forums have separate chat rooms. Look for them.

So what is a motorcycle forum (message board)?

According to the Merriam Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, a forum is defined as:

    "1 a : the marketplace or public place of an ancient Roman city forming the center of judicial and public business, or b : a public meeting place for open discussion."

The concept of a forum is therefore very old. Forums survive today in a high-tech setting on the Internet. Originally called bulletin boards in the years just preceding the rise in popularity of the Web, they were used to allow people to post questions and receive answers on a variety of subjects. You just dialed a telephone number that connected to the message board, usually in somebody's basement, and communicated at extremely low bit rates. I personally built my own bulletin board (BB or BBS) system in those early days. I wanted to have one dedicated to motorcycles but never got around to it since I became more fascinated by the Web and its potential.

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So where are these motorcycle forums and how do I use them? This site has its own forum called the Motorcycle Views Forum. Just click Forum on the left side of every page of this site to go to the forum. If you're looking for more forums, click my Forums subject on the Home Page. That will give you a list of links to other motorcycle forums. I suggest that you enter any new forum first as a Guest. Look around and read as many messages as you can to see if you like the forum. If you do, then register and become a regular on that forum.

Once inside any motorcycle forum, you soon realize that it's much like the original Roman concept in that people are expressing their opinions on all sorts of subjects except every subject has to do with motorcycles. One exception. Most motorcycle forums have an Off-Topic area where regulars can discuss non-motorcycle subjects. Warning. Discussing politics or religion is not encouraged.

Visit our Motorcycle Views Forum

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