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Motorcycle Types - Descriptions and Pictures of Major Motorcycle Types - Page 2

By Walter F. Kern

Naked Bikes

Naked motorcycle
© 2005 Tracy L. Pursell

A naked bike is basically a standard motorcycle with little wind protection and an exposed chassis. It's an example of a motorcycle you can usually see through.

An example of a naked bike is the one shown here, a Ducati 600 Monster Dark. Others include the Buell Blast, BMW K1200R, Harley-Davidson Sportster, Triumph Speed Triple, Yamaha FZ1 and Yamaha V-Max.

Lately, many publications have been writing about the naked bike and most moto-journalists agree that the naked bike has become a defined motorcycle type. Here's an article from, Naked Bikes Rule!, that compares Ducati Monster S4R, BMW K1200R, Yamaha FZ1, and Triumph Speed Triple.


Sportbike motorcycle
© 2005 Vicki Gray

Sportbikes are the flashiest of all motorcycles. They're lightweight, fast, and include colorful paint jobs.

The picture shown here is Vicki Gray, professional racer, who has also appeared on The Learning Channel (TLC) in Biker Girls: Born to Be Wild. She rides a Honda CBR600RR.

Sportbikes are the bad boys of motorcycles. They're pretty to look at and inexpensive to buy, but with the wrong rider aboard, they can become a deadly weapon. Motorists have long complained about sportbikes in packs, racing and darting in and out of traffic. I was personally confronted with a group of about 100 sportbikes that overtook me when I was already going 65 mph. I was passed like I was standing still. Then a single rider pulled up in front of my trike, turned his head around and looked the trike and me over for a about 20 seconds. He then sped off. It was unnerving. Unfortunately, the general public seems to have the same impression of sportbike riders, whether it's true or not.

The speed and acceleration of sportbikes make them very quick in traffic. Since they're fast, a lot of new riders want their first bike to be a sportbike. Resist the temptation.

So, if you want to ride a sportbike, first get trained and practice a lot. Wear protective apparel and be a responsible rider. Then you and your sportbike will be perfect together.

Dual-Sport Motorcycles

Dual-Sport motorcycle
© 2003 Glen Smith

Dual-Sports or dual-purpose bikes are universal bikes. For those who want to ride on the street and also not be afraid to take an off-road detour, the dual-sport bike is the perfect choice.

Dual-Sports have tall seat heights, long suspensions, and are street legal. These are not bikes for beginners. Adventure-touring bikes are similar except have added saddlebags, windshields, and other long distance features.

The picture shows a KTM LC4 640 Adventure dual-sport which could also serve as an adventure-touring bike. This bike is right at home on the Las Vegas Strip or the desert trails.

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