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Motorcycle Glossary Dictionary Term - E-ZPass

E-ZPass: Motorcyclists have always had a problem at toll plazas. They have to slow down, push up their face shields, stop, shift into neutral (sometimes even put the sidestand down and kill the engine because neutral couldn't be found), remove their gloves, search for their toll ticket and change, hand to the toll taker, receive change, put their gloves back on, (possibly retract the sidestand and restart the bike), shift to first, and move off.

Well, many highway authorities are using electronic toll collection methods to speed traffic through toll plazas and that has become pure pleasure for riders of motorcycles. The names of these computerized systems vary depending on where you are. In the East, the system used is called E-ZPass. This system covers most of the major toll roads in NJ, DE, PA, NY, MA, WV, and MD.

Just sign-up and receive a small flat tag for your windshield. Pass through the E-ZPass toll plaza at low speed and the system reads your E-ZPass tag and subtracts money out of your account to pay the toll.

Some E-ZPass toll plazas are designed to allow high-speed traffic so you can ride your bike at near speed-limit rates through the lane. These lanes are identified as express lanes at the outside edges of the toll plaza complex with no barriers on the sides of the lane.

If you have such a system near you and you use the toll roads a lot, get signed up and then you can concentrate on riding and not stopping.

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