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How To Park a Motorcycle

By Walter F. Kern

Parking a motorcycle safely depends on the parking surface, inclination and traffic exposure. Here are a few tips on how to position a motorcycle so it can be easily ridden off and be in a visible position.

Here's How to Park a Motorcycle:

  1. Leave the motorcycle parked at an angle to the curb to allow it to be easily pulled into traffic.
  2. Leave the motorcycle parked with the tire against the curb and in gear.
  3. Parking a bike where the lean on the sidestand is going DOWN a hill could make the bike unstable and make it difficult to upright from its sidestand. You may want to park near a 35 degree angle to the curb.
  4. Parking a bike where the lean on the sidestand is going UP a hill could make the bike easy to tip over. You will need to park closer to a 45-50 degree angle from the curb.
  5. You will need to try various positions on a hill depending on whether the hill is going up or down. Satisfy yourself that the bike remains stable, is easy to lift off its sidestand and is easy to ride away.
  6. When parking in a parking lot, place the bike in the middle of the lane so that it is parked at the end of the space so motorists will be able to see you as soon as they attempt to park there.
  7. Know the local parking rules. Sometimes only one motorcycle may be parked in a space. Other places may allow several bikes to use the same parking space to conserve space.
  8. Be aware of the surface you are parking on. Loose gravel, hot asphalt, sand, and grass may cause your bike to sink on the sidestand. Use a flat plate under the sidestand to better support the bike.

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