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What is Motorcycle Art?

By Walter F. Kern

Motorcycle art is much more than tattoos

What is motorcycle art? Throughout the history of the world, the artist has attempted to stand back and observe his or her surroundings and find beauty. The beauty is then transformed by the artist into a tangible representation that is pleasing to the eye. The form of the art can be almost anything. That includes motorcycle art. Fortunately, one doesn't have to be a trained artist to enjoy art, especially motorcycle art.

Motorcycle art in the form of a motor scooterThe motorcycle has recently been recognized by the general public as an object of art. Well, we already knew about motorcycle art. But maybe you didn't know just how many forms motorcycle art takes. I looked around on the Web and found an astounding number of sites devoted to motorcycle art. Since motorcycle art is becoming so popular, I decided to create a motorcycle art subject on the Motorcycle Views site. I want to show you some examples of motorcycle art that I found on the Web.

Almost everyone remembers the Guggenheim exhibit in 1998 called The Art of the Motorcycle. This was the most popular exhibition in the museum's history.

Look at the paintings of the late David Mann. David Mann's art has been widely seen on the American Chopper TV series where an OCC chopper was built in tribute to his work but David's untimely death occurred before the bike could be delivered. Also look at the paintings of Ronnie Cramer also known for his motorcycle Web directory. Their passion for motorcycles is apparent.

Some motorcycle artists like to work in wood. Check out this sculpter who fashioned a full size 1941 Indian motorcycle completely out of wood. Take a look at the video of this creation. Every part has been sculpted to look exactly like the real thing.

These days, everyone wants clip art for use on personal Web sites. There are many sites devoted to motorcycle clip art.

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There are Web sites that include motorcycle-related tattoos, another very popular form of art among motorcyclists. I've created a Motorcycle Tattoo Gallery.

Another popular feature on this site is Wild Motorcycle Tales. These are personal motorcycle stories, often funny, that have been written by visitors to the Motorcycle Views site.

Of course, the chopper itself is considered motorcycle art. I have an article on choppers.

Also, check out my Motorcycle Haiku Poems. These are short 3-line poems that anyone can create. I encourage you to submit your own original haiku. They're FUN.

Finally, look through my Motorcycle Art subject for many more links to motorcycle art.

I've also created a gallery of Antique Motorcycle Ads that appeared in magazines and newspapers. Thanks go to forum member, MadMichael, for allowing me to use ads from his personal collection. These go back to the early days of motorcycles.

I hope you've enjoyed my short tour of motorcycle art on the Web. There is much more to come.

Picture: "The Ol' Cushman" © Larry Janoff

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