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Vintage, Antique, and Classic Motorcycles - Harley-Davidson

This photo is of my father who recently passed away. His favorite bike was the 1941 Knuckle. My father lived in South Dakota and attended the first Sturgis rally. I am just like the old man. Currently ride a 2006 Dyna Super Glide Custom and am restoring a 1976 Super Glide after riding it for 10 years.

Hope you enjoy the photo. My dad did have a bike shop and refurbished the one you see.

Unfortunately, he passed away a few months back at age 86! This is my tribute to the old man!

His name is Carl Edd and the photo was taken in Huron, SD in the 1940s. My name is Kevin Edd and I currently live in Arizona and ride 360 days a year.

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