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Women on Motorcycles - Best Pictures from 2005-2006

The Queen and her King: This is my 1995 Harley-Davidson Road King. I have removed the rear running boards. It has new handlebars, FLHT Touring bars, Corbin solo seat, rear luggage rack, white walls, ISO Grips, Light rails around the saddlebags, and Chrome. I added a lowering kit on the front forks and low profile shocks on the rear. This was done because the 1994-1996s were top heavy. Once I lowered it, the weight was center-balanced and not top heavy any more. My legs are long enough, but once I lowered the front and rear one inch, I now had to cut the windshield down too, so I had an inch shaved off the top of the windshield -- perfect! I added a set of small brass balls -- I earned them. OK ... let's ride. -- Luuezz

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