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Women on Motorcycles - Best Pictures from 2005-2006

This is my 1994 Suzuki Intruder. I am a home care nurse, and I ride to see my patients on my bike (OK, I don't really wear scrubs and my stethoscope - that was posed to get the point across. And I do wear boots and a full face helmet when I ride). The picture was taken to "shadow" a picture of Mary Breckenridge, an early public health nurse that saw patients on horseback. My patients, the little old ladies, get such a kick out of it - "You AREN'T the nurse, are you?" and I chime in, "Oh, yes I AM." I am also a college nursing professor, and an instructor for the PA Motorcycle Safety Program. I'm not your typical soccer mom. I live to ride, ride to breathe. -- Laura

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