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My "Chief Crazy Horse" is a 2000 Indian Chief Millennium Edition – he's #78 of 250 made. I fell in love with Indian motorcycles when my ex-father-in-law restored a box of rusted pipes and metal into a gorgeous 1947 Indian Chief. When I saw my Chief (also affectionately known as my 'lil dude'), I could not take my eyes off of him. I was mesmerized by his beauty and color. The rest was history.

I have replaced the stock beach bars which were 37" wide and had 16" pullback with custom made chubby beach bars that are 34" wide with 19" pullback. They fit me perfectly. I replaced the pillion seat/sissy bar with the luggage rack. The original factory Thunderheart dual-fire coil ignition has been changed out to a Dyna 2000i single-fire coil ignition which has increased his performance and improved gas mileage. The Chief has an 88 ci S&S motor and packs 1450cc of power. He gets up and goes and I really have to hang on when we take off!

When I ride down the interstate, people pull up next to me and admire him. When I look over at them, they give him the Thumbs Up! Everywhere we go, I hear stories about someone who once had an Indian. He gets lots of attention. I'm totally captivated by my 'lil dude! -- MsChief

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