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Motorcycle Pictures by Year and Model for Honda Motorcycles

By Walter F. Kern

Honda Motorcycle pictures are shown below by year and model. All pictures of these Honda Motorcycles received by this site can be accessed here. Most pictures also appear in specialized picture galleries such as 21 Years of Honda Shadow, 29 Years of Honda Gold Wing, Women on Motorcycles, Men on Motorcycles, or All Motorcycle Picture Galleries.

1972 Honda CB500 w/Voyager Trike KitPete Iaria
1973 Honda 750 SOHC BobberBen Davidson
1975 Honda 750 ChopperRigid Rick
1975 Honda Gold Wing GL1000 Custom TrikeDon
1975 Honda Gold WingGreg Henderson
1976 Honda CB750Edward Hoblin
1976 Honda CB750F Super SportThFireman's Wife
1976 Honda Gold WingRon Brown
1977 Honda CB750Edward Hoblin
1977 Honda Gold Wing GL1000John Owen
1978 Honda CB125SOld School
1978 Honda GL1000 Gold WingJared Hess
1978 Honda Gold WingTom Bakko
1979 Honda Gold WingJohnnie Gorthy
1980 Honda Gold Wing InterstateGerald Hawkins
1981 Honda CX500D DeluxeRussell Whipple
1981 Honda Gold Wing GL1100 StandardMike Collingwood
1982 Honda CB900 CustomRoger "ThFireman"
1982 Honda Gold WingPaul Aguiar
1982 Honda Gold Wing AspencadePaul Allen
1982 Honda Gold Wing GL1100Zryder
1982 Honda Shadow CX500pops14
1983 Honda Gold Wing AspencadeEd Klassen
1983 Honda ShadowFlyin' My Pride
1983 Honda Shadow VT500CJohn Corman
1983 Honda Shadow VT750CJohn Rehmann
1984 Honda Gold Wing GL1200 AspencadeAllen Holecek
1984 Honda Shadow VT500CTodd Shelton
1984 Honda Shadow VT700CMike Steenberg
1985 Honda Limited Edition GL1200 w/Tri-Wing ConversionTom Lowen
1985 Limited Edition Honda Gold Wing GL1200 w/Tri-Wing Conversion KitJerry Driggers
1985 Honda Gold Wing 1200Dru Carl
1985 Honda Gold Wing AspencadeChris Rodgers
1985 Honda Shadow VT500CAnn Pongracz
1985 Honda Shadow VT700CKeith Sudano
1985 Honda Shadow VT1100Phil Mohr
1986 Honda Gold Wing InterstateTom Duren
1986 Honda Rebel 450Betty Philpott, "Boopster"
1986 Honda Shadow 500"revinmama" Marlene
1986 Honda Shadow VT700Rick Hudson
1986 Honda Shadow VT1100Russell
1986 Honda Shadow VT1100Cthdk1234
1986 Honda Shadow VT1100CJoe
1987 Honda Gold Wing GL1200Jerry Barton
1987 Honda Shadow VT700Dennis Cherry
1987 Honda Shadow VT700CMalta
1988 Honda Gold Wing GL1500James Barringer
1988 Honda Shadow VLX600Donald R. Thie
1988 Honda Shadow VT800CMike Pietsch
1988 Honda Shadow VT1100Ken Roszak
1989 Honda Gold Wing GL1500Armando Rodriguez, Granada
1989 Honda Shadow 600Mick Gorring
1989 Honda Shadow VT1100CThom Trampf
1990 Honda Gold Wing SEPR Nielsen
1990 Honda Shadow 1100 VT1100COddvar N. Arntzen
1991 Honda Gold Wing InterstateRon Starkey
1991 Honda Gold Wing Custom TrikeJohn Helgason
1991 Honda ST1100"CaptBlack" and Lois
1992 Honda Gold Wing GL1500 SEKeith Suttenfield
1992 Honda Shadow VT1100Jerry Vargas
1993 Honda Gold Wing GL1500 InterstateMike Ray
1993 Honda Gold Wing SE Special Edition w/Trike ConversionRolf Beger
1993 Honda Shadow VLX VT600CTony Hernandez
1993 Honda Shadow VLX Deluxe VT600CDTess
1993 Honda Shadow VT1100CCharles Sartin
1994 Honda Gold Wing TrikeFrances Gomes
1994 Honda Gold Wing Aspencade w/Tow-PacDonnis
1994 Honda Gold Wing GL1500 AspencadeDale & Judy Kettring
1994 Honda Magna VF750CBrian
1994 Honda Shadow VLXGlen Robinson
1994 Honda Shadow VLX VT600CDDanny Perdue
1994 Honda Shadow VT1100Wally Braun
1995 Honda Gold Wing InterstateJohn Sarubbi
1995 Honda Gold Wing SEDan Martin
1995 Honda Gold Wing w/2002 Tri-King Trike conversionDavid Chandler
1995 Honda Shadow VLX600Chad Turner
1995 Honda Shadow VLX CD 600David Bibb
1995 Honda Shadow VT1100CDonald Manvell
1995 Honda Shadow 1100 TrikeJohn
1995 Honda Shadow ACE 1100J. Marini
1995 Honda Shadow 1100 A.C.E. VT1100C2Gordon B
1996 Honda Gold Wing SEDave Norem
1996 Honda Magna VF750CBrian
1996 Honda Nighthawk 750Ackme17
1996 Honda Shadow VLX600Roberta K Young
1996 Honda Shadow VLX VT600Clil_LOCO
1996 Honda Shadow VLX600Ronnie Brooks
1996 Honda Shadow VT600CD VLX DeluxeTony Frevele
1996 Honda Shadow VT1100Phil Luna
1996 Honda Shadow A.C.E.Steve B.
1997 Honda Gold Wing 1500 Custom TrikeRandy and Rachel
1997 Honda Gold Wing Aspencade GL1500A w/DFT conversionIval
1997 Honda Gold Wing GL1500AJeff & Trina Norman
1997 Honda Gold Wing SEHerb
1997 Honda Shadow VLX600 VT600CKen Breitenbach
1997 Honda Shadow VLX600Steven S.
1997 Honda Shadow Spirit 1100C. L. Smith
1997 Honda Shadow VT1100C2 A.C.E.Kevin M.
1998 Honda Gold Wing SE w/Motor Trike conversionJane Ann Kern
1998 Honda Gold Wing w/2000 MotorTrike CoupeLonnie
1998 Honda Shadow VT600CD VLX DeluxeAnita Shane
1998 Honda Shadow VT750MAC
1998 Honda Shadow A.C.E. 750John Wriedt, Melbourne, Australia
1998 Honda Shadow VT750 A.C.E.Ralph Butter
1998 Honda Shadow 750 A.C.E. DeluxeBrownskin
1998 Honda Shadow 1100C2Dave Flaherty
1998 Honda Shadow A.C.E. TourerDave Kaufman
1998 Honda Shadow Spirit 1100Scott Carlin
1998 Honda Shadow AeroPaul Duguay
1998 Honda Shadow AeroJoe Estrello
1998 Honda Valkyrie TourerMike Trahan
1999 Honda Gold Wing 1500 w/Lehman trike conversionGail Smith
1999 Honda Gold Wing 1500SE Motor TrikeJim
1999 Honda Gold Wing SEJim Bell
1999 Honda Shadow VLX600 DeluxeBiker Dave
1999 Honda Shadow VLX Deluxe 600CD2Deb Curtis
1999 Honda Shadow A.C.E. 750David Gobbi
1999 Honda Shadow A.C.E. 1100Dogspit
1999 Honda Shadow A.C.E. VT1100 TourerAyron Brooks
1999 Honda Shadow SpiritTom Rietveld
1999 Honda Shadow Aero 1100 VTC3Bud
1999 Honda Shadow Aero VT1100C3Douglas Davis
2000 Honda Gold Wing GL1500SEGypsy
2000 Honda Gold Wing GL1500SE Motor TrikeJ. Fowler
2000 Honda Gold Wing SE 1500 w/Motortrike ConversionWalter F. Kern
2000 Honda Gold Wing GL1500 SEWalter Kern
2000 Honda RC51 1000Ronda Drake
2000 Honda Shadow A.C.E. 750 DeluxeEverette R Hayward
2000 Honda Shadow A.C.E. 2-Tone 750 Deluxe VT750CD2Don Welch
2000 Honda Shadow A.C.E. Tourer VT1100TDan
2000 Honda Shadow Sabre 1100GinnSanity
2000 Honda Shadow Sabre VT1100C2Jackie
2000 Honda Shadow Spirit VT1100CRandy Reese
2000 Honda Shadow Aero 1100Lyle Cook
2000 Honda Shadow VLX Deluxe 2-Tone VT600 CD2Kem and passenger
2000 Honda Valkyrie InterstateGeorge "Youngblood" Berry
2001 Honda Gold Wing GL1800 ABSMarshall Goodman
2001 Honda Gold Wing GL1800 Motor TrikeGrandad43
2001 Honda Shadow VLX DeluxeRick Clark
2001 Honda Shadow A.C.E. 750D. Bruestle
2001 Honda Shadow A.C.E. 750 Deluxe VT750CDJames Roxburgh
2001 Honda Shadow A.C.E. 750Ron
2001 Honda Shadow VT750DCSteve Watson
2001 Honda Shadow Spirit VT1100CAlbert J. Leonhardt
2001 Honda Shadow Aero 1100Joe Varditane
2001 Honda Shadow Sabre VT1100C2Hector Barrera
2001 Honda Shadow ACEEd

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2002 Honda Gold Wing 1800Bob Hartpence
2002 Honda Gold Wing GL-1800Stephen Maley
2002 Honda Gold WingJim "Road Runner" Pennington
2002 Honda Gold Wing w/Trikeshop kitEZglider
2002 Honda Gold Wing GL1800 w/CSC Trike KitDavid Wallis
2002 Honda Shadow VLXBamrz
2002 Honda Shadow VLX DeluxeRobert E. Giardino
2002 Honda Shadow A.C.E. 750Rich Sims
2002 Honda Shadow A.C.E. Deluxe 750Arnold Vera
2002 Honda Shadow A.C.E. 750 2-ToneRodney Nibbs
2002 Honda Shadow Spirit VT750DCtwinfan1
2002 Honda Shadow Spirit VT1100CDave Messing
2002 Honda Shadow Aero 1100Ted Hagen
2002 Honda Shadow SabreAlan Mitchell
2002 Honda Shadow A.C.E.Nancy
2002 Honda VTX1800 RetroRollsroyce77
2003 Honda Gold Wing GL1800Ed Schwartzbach
2003 Honda Gold Wing GL1800Steve Miller
2003 Honda Gold Wing 1800 w/Lehman Trike ConversionMichael "Tailgunner" Bergman
2003 Honda Shadow VLX DeluxeChris Dutton
2003 Honda Shadow A.C.E. 750 DeluxeLinda Parsons
2003 Honda Shadow Sabre 1100C2Jeff
2003 Honda Shadow Sabre 1100Luis Alfonso
2003 Honda Shadow Spirit 750Luis Marrero
2003 Honda Shadow Spirit 750Jamie Burton
2003 Honda Shadow Spirit 1100CGreg Lynd
2003 Honda Silver Wing w/Tow-Pac Insta-Trike bolt-on kitival
2003 Honda VTX 1300RShirley A. Anderson
2004 Honda Gold Wing TrikeCurtis
2004 Honda Silver Wing w/trike conversionJoes Haas
2004 Honda Shadow Aero 750ScooterFox
2004 Honda Shadow Spirit 1100Ceetee
2004 Honda Shadow Spirit VT1100CGary Lesko
2004 Honda Shadow Spirit VT1100CTim
2004 Honda Silver WingMarie Agro
2004 Honda VTX1800Mel
2005 Honda Shadow Aero VT750Jose A. Miranda
2005 Honda Shadow AeroRockero
2005 Honda Shadow AeroLamar Brown
2005 Honda Shadow VLX600LeeHightower
2005 Honda Shadow VT750Tony
2006 Honda Gold WingJay
2006 Honda Gold WingTerry
2006 Honda Gold WingKelly (K-Man)
2006 Honda Gold Wing 1800Grampa Phil Perry
2006 Honda Gold Wing GL1800 w/Champion Trike KitLarry Letzer
2006 Honda Gold Wing GL1800G-Man
2006 Honda Shadow Spirit 750Elizabeth Davis
2006 Honda VTX 1300Ms. Glo
2006 Honda VTX 1300CTami C.
2006 Honda VTX 1300"Twofour"
2006 Honda VTX 1800R Spec 3Roger Johnston
2007 Honda CBR600RR-7Ken
2007 Honda Gold Wing 1800Frank J. Soltis
2007 Honda Gold Wing GL1800 ABSTiili
2007 Honda Gold WingDolores Seeger
2007 Honda Gold WingLuis
2007 Honda Shadow 750Beth Joseph
2007 Honda ShadowBob Hartpence
2007 Honda Shadow AeroSilver Shadow
2007 Honda Shadow Sabre VT1100C2John Latham
2007 Honda Shadow Spirit 750Teresa Bullock
2007 Honda Shadow Spirit VT1100CDennis Staley
2007 Honda Shadow Spirit VT1100CDennis' Spirit
2007 Honda Silverwing Motor ScooterDan K in SRQ
2008 Honda Aero 750Kim
2008 Honda Gold Wingthe Road Runner
2008 Honda Gold Wingthe ROADRUNNERS
2008 Honda ShadowKim
2009 Honda Rebel 250Jenn Bair
2009 Honda Shadow Aero 750Khris
2012 Honda Gold Wing GL1800Ray Latta
2013 Honda F6BKJ
2015 Honda CB300faUB
2015 Honda CTX700DCTJohn Sarubbi
2015 Honda F6B DeluxeJim Guiteras
2015 Honda NM4Batman

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