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This is my 2000 Harley-Davidson Fat Boy.

Christmas Day 1995 I received a new kidney. That was the good news. During the next three years I lost parts of both feet, because of transplant drugs and diabetes, and was fitted with braces and boots. After two years in and out of wheel chairs, I decided it was time for a change. In May 2000, I got my new Harley-Davidson Fat Boy and my life was renewed.

Over the next few years I rode 35,000 miles, mostly from the mountains to the beaches and coastline of South Carolina, the state of beautiful people and beautiful places. It has been a great and faithful machine and friend. I've added a few things like a Texas Spoke 18" front wheel to replace the solid 16" stock wheel, but it's mostly all Harley.

I was told by my doctor this morning that I am probably going to lose a leg and riding has suddenly become even more important to me. 35,000 miles doesn't seem like nearly enough. I guess I'd better start looking at trikes. -- Buck Moore

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