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In 2001, I purchased a 1997 Boss Hoss, clutch model. I found out quickly that it was a gas guzzler and it was no fun to ride in the city because it was only one gear. I stored the bike for about 7 years and in July of 2009 I began my conversion. Boss makes their own trikes but I wanted to create something that was one of a kind. I am still doing small projects to bring it to final completion but it is now licensed and driveable. I bought several wrecked Jeep Wranglers to get a good body and frame. I used a Chevy pickup differential from a 70s model C10. The gear ratio is .273 and I had the diff. rebuilt with a street posi traction. The tranny is 350 turbo. The engine is Chevy smallblock 350. I have recently gone to 2 radiators which is not pictured. I had originally moved the original radiator from the front to behind the seat but found that it was not cooling correctly. I purchased another radiator and put it in front and now the 2 do a great job of cooling. I live just outside of Winchester, Virginia, about 75 miles west of Wash. DC. -- Ted Hagen

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