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Motorcycle Tips from the Master Strategy Group

The Master Strategy Group is an organization run by James R. Davis and Cash Anthony. Their personal interests center on motorcycles and especially tips and techniques they have developed to make riding a motorcycle a safer experience. Currently, there are 254 such tips on their Web site.

The following is simply a reorganization of many of these tips into categories. None of these tips are original to the Motorcycle Views site. They are just links to the original content that James R. Davis has brilliantly conceived and presented on his site. Many of our Motorcycle Views members have long used the tips provided by Davis. We are just making them more accessible to our audience.

These motorcycle tips and techniques are sometimes controversial and Mr. Davis knows that since he provides a rebuttal area on his site for contrary opinions. If you haven't seen these tips before, be prepared for information that will make you a better rider and quite possibly save your life. These are must reads for every motorcyclist.

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