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Motorcycle User Reviews - 2007 Roketa 150CC

I have owned about 20 motorcycles and motor scooters. My present one is a 150CC Roketa motor scooter bought through the Internet. It was delivered to me without a scratch on it. Total cost was $1399.92.

I have ridden it almost 500 miles and it seems to be a perfect motorscooter. MPG is 80, top speed is 65 mph on level ground -- uphill slows down somewhat.

I changed the oil to synthetic 10W50 at 200 miles (earlier than recommended) (holds one qt.).

Tire pressure was recommended at 32LB front and rear but it rode a little rough. I now use 32 in rear and 26 in front (a great improvement and the tire still looks full with me on it). I weigh 175 lbs -- sometimes 180 lb. on Sat. night at around midnight. One other thing that I will have to change.

About 60 MPH my tires are out of balance (got to get them balanced) as they have no weights on them now.

I am so really pleased with my scooter because it looks almost like a Honda Silverwing and starts/runs/etc as fast as I want to go. I just love it -- so far. -- Robert D. Hardison

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