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Learn How To Ride a Motorcycle - Part 2

By Walter F. Kern

More about MSF Training

The following excerpts came from forum discussions. They're indicative of what new riders are talking about regarding training.

Passed the Motorcycle Safety Course!

"Whoopee! I just graduated from the MSF beginner's course. The way I see it, what I learned this weekend will probably save my life several times over, and I intend to practice the skills I was taught every chance I get."

What is up with the MSF course?

"After reading Chrisie's post about getting asked to leave the MSF course due to not being able to make circles tight enough, I have to wonder what is up with these guys."

Help -- MSF sold out

"I just called to sign up for my local MSF safety course's sold out thru the end of June, with a waiting list of 10 people per course! So, my question is...what now?"

MSF Course Prices

"The MSF course is $370.00 here, so you would have to tell the 17 y.o. young man interested in getting his first ride to add a couple of hundred bucks to the $70.00 he thought he had to pay."

MSF Course

"I would appreciate it if those of you who have participated in a MSF course could address the following: Several folks who have taken the course claimed that they put you through several practices/procedures (braking for one) that can cause you to loose or dump your bike. What do those of you who have attended the course say?"

Motorcycle Safety Course

"This might seem like a pretty ignorant question, but what are the motorcycle safety courses all about? I have seen numerous posts about people taking motorcycle safety courses. So far as I know, the only thing that has changed is that the new licensee's have to drive around a bunch of cones in the parking lot."

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That Darn MSRC

"I've been wanting to ride since I was 15. I'm 52 and have just bought my first bike. I have taken the MSRC twice and been kicked out both times. When I asked the instructor what I did wrong he said, 'Lots of things. You were too jerky on the throttle and you didn't lean the bike, you just leaned your upper body.' He tried to tell me about counter steering. I admit, I have difficulty with this."

MSF Tragedy

"Last evening we started our MSF course, with a full class load of 12 people. Classroom hours went well, and we were prepared for riding this morning. We started with the 'duck walk,' then buddy push, and so forth and finally, the big moment arrived for almost the entire class of newbies except for one woman who blew out of the track, fixated on a brick garage, and nailed it head-on at about 12 mph, head first."

The message is clear. Take an MSF class to learn how to ride a motorcycle.

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