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How You CAN Learn to Ride a Motorcycle: How to Get Started Riding a Motorcycle - Part 2

By Walter F. Kern

Part 2: How to get started riding a motorcycle

Making the decision

You'll know when decision time is near. I don't have to tell you here. One day, you see motorcycles only in the background. You view some riders as irresponsible, riding noisy machines that only serve to awaken you from a sound sleep. Darn those bikers! Then suddenly on the next day, it's as if a new window has opened and all you can see through it is the motorcycle of your dreams and all you want to do is get on that machine and ride off over the next hill and never return. What a transformation!

Sportbikes as a first motorcycle

In motorcycles forums, we get many people seeking help in learning to ride a motorcycle. Usually they come into the forum having been "bitten by the bug" and want advice on buying a sportbike as their first bike.

We try to set them straight and turn their thinking around. They need to first take a training class offered by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF). Then they need to get a cheap bike to learn on for six months to a year. Then they can think about getting that sportbike or other model.

Get more motorcycle information

There are a lot of articles and features on this site that beginning riders will find useful. Many of these will be pointed out to you as you continue reading this article. It's easy to get overwhelmed by the amount of information available here. For the time being, just try to finish this article (all five parts) and then pursue other information later on.

After you read all five parts of this article, I highly recommend that you look through the articles in my Beginners topic. These articles cover a wide range of subjects useful to beginning riders and also riders returning to the the sport after a long absence.

Then I suggest you look at my Forums subject. I'll be selecting some important forums later on. In the interim, I suggest you click Forum on the left side of every page to reach my Motorcycle Views Forum.

As a respected member of my former Motorcycling for Beginner's Forum, Plain Jim, likes to say: "Welcome to the pleasant addiction."

So, let's continue on to learn the steps to get trained on how to ride a motorcycle. Just click Part 3, below.

=> Part 3: Get Trained to Ride a Motorcycle

=> Back to Part 1: Motorcycles

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