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2006 Wing Ding Motorcycle Rally Blog - Day 8

This year I'm publishing highlights of the 2006 Gold Wing Road Riders Association (GWRRA) Wing Ding rally, day by day in a blog. Wing Ding was scheduled for July 3-6 this year. The blog will also include my preparation in getting ready to take the ride to Nashville, TN and my observations while there.

Today we were to go to the master tourer's luncheon. First I had to find out where it was to be held. I knew it was in the adjoining shopping center but didn't know what road to take to get there. I also didn't know where the place was located within the shopping center. I also needed to swap the trikes that had been parked in a single space in tandem. I also needed to check on the grommets for the right side panel on Jane's trike. I walked my usual walk over to the trikes, uncovered my trike and began folding up the full cover to stuff it into that tiny bag it comes in. Then I took the small cover off Jane's trike and backed it out so I could then back out my trike. Then I pulled hers back in and placed mine behind it. I replaced the grommet on the side panel of Jane's trike. Then I moved the two helmets and gloves to my trike. Next, I went on a mission to find the shopping center and luncheon location. I immediately noticed a rough front wheel motion -- like a flat spot on the tire. I looked at the tire but didn't see anything. I'm guessing that the tire did have a flat spot from sitting in the sun for four days because after riding over to the shopping center and back, it seemed to be OK. Finding the place was as easy as following signs and using a little dead reckoning. I returned to my parking place. I walked back to the room and waited until it was time to head out to the luncheon. Then I walked to the trike and rode it to the side entrance where our room was. Jane had come down from the room and got on the trike and I rode her over to the luncheon. There were a few glitches in the luncheon but everyone got fed and all the master tourer awards were presented. It turned out that GWRRA Executive Director, Don Brock, was also there and spoke. He sat at the next table from us and Jane went over to him and asked him to pose for a picture with her, shown here.

We got back just in time to attend the two-hour closing ceremonies. Two other couples and Jane and I plan to head toward Maggie Valley, NC tomorrow. We have to meet up at 8 a.m. gassed up, packed, and ready to go. That meant I had to do another walk over to the trikes and then take each out for gas. More jockeying around of the trikes. I then walked back to the room and waited for the time to again take the walk to get the trike to transport us to a final dinner with our F-Troop group.

Tomorrow, I will make a couple of runs to get both trikes outside our entrance. Then all the luggage will be brought down five flights -- by elevator -- and loaded on the trikes. Then we will ride the trikes to the main entrance to meet up with the other two couples.

This ends the Wing Ding Rally blog. Tomorrow starts Day 1 of the BuRP Rally Blog where you'll learn more about the Motorcycles forum members you have been following on the forums. They are real people and darn good motorcyclists. I hope you'll consider attending BuRP 2007 to get to know them in person. If you happen to be around the Maggie Valley area this coming week, drop by the Laurel Park Inn and say hello -- that is if we're not out riding.

Photos © 2006 Walter Kern

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