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Motorcycle Touring & Travel - A Review

There comes a time in the life of every motorcyclist when there is a need to travel more than the normal commute or short trip. In the early days of the motorcycle, riders just had to find out what was beyond that next hill. So they ventured out farther and farther seeking to learn more about the world and to perhaps learn more about themselves. This was the beginning of touring. Today, the roads are better, motels abound, restaurants and gas stations are everywhere and people have more money to spend. Today's motorcyclist has a well-maintained bike, time to kill and a desire to take his or her bike on a long trip. But long trips by motorcycle are very hard to plan. That's why Motorcycle Touring & Travel by author Bill Stermer is so valuable. Stermer is a motorcycle photo-journalist with impeccable credentials, having written on motorcycles for over 25 years in magazines such as Cycle, American Motorcyclist, Rider and Road Rider (now, Motorcycle Consumer News). He brings a breadth of experience that is hard to match.

The book has sections on choosing a motorcycle, buying accessories and purchasing motorcycle apparel. Motorcycle Touring & Travel provides a packing list that is a must-have for any motorcycle traveler. Co-riders and group rides are discussed as well as motorcycle camping. Security while touring and general motorcycle safety considerations are outlined. Organized tours are becoming more popular and these are evaluated. The best ways to prepare for foreign travel are given. There are side-bar sections that give tips on subjects such as: How to pick up your bike if it falls over; how to avoid rear-brake lockup; what's the law on helmet speakers?; what tire speed ratings mean; how to stay cool in hot weather; how to stay warm in cold weather; how to use a bandana; how to pack; how to carry a camera; how to improve gas mileage; how to ride the Motorcycle Safety Foundation way; and how to understand counter-steering.

Each chapter is sprinkled with photos shot by the author. Specific recommendations are given on every aspect of touring. If you can't find the answer to your touring question in this book, you may not be able to find it anywhere.

This is the second edition of Motorcycle Touring & Travel. The book has been around since 1991 and has been used by countless thousands of touring riders. It is the bible of touring. It was one of the first books I read as a new motorcyclist and I feel you should read it too.

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