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Motorcycle Haiku Poetry - An Excerpt from a book by Walter F. Kern

By Walter F. Kern

My Third Motorcycle Book has been Released in both Paperback and Kindle Editions

Here is an Excerpt:

Walter's Trike

Ten years on four bikes
Fifteen on a Gold Wing trike
Safe riding and fun

—Walter F. Kern

This is a two-tone red 2000 Honda Gold Wing SE 1500 w/Motor Trike Conversion owned by Walter F. Kern. It was the last year for the 1500s.

I started out riding motorcycles at the age of 51. I had five before I converted the last to a trike for me. I never had an accident in 25 years of riding. Proper instruction with MSF courses and attention to proper riding techniques helped to keep me safe. The trike is a bigger object and it can be seen. Be safe my friends and ride to a very old age.

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