Walter takes in the View from his motorcycle
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Pictures from BuRP 2006 Rally at Maggie Valley, NC -- July 12-15, 2006

Jack Riepe

Jack is tired from his trip.

Jack Riepe (Vindak8r) smiling for the crowd gathered around his bike.

Bill (BILLWOODHOST), left, and Dan (SCRUFFYD2), right, laugh at one of the non-stop jokes from Jack Riepe (Vindak8r).

SteelHorseRider (Steve) with special Perdition's Socks on his Magna.

Wayne (niteowl1948) was having troubles with blowing fuses on his Ultra. He called for a tow vehicle to take it to the Harley dealer. The tow guy came from Tennessee. They loaded the Ultra and fastened it down. Then the operator said, "Now where's the Harley dealer?" They did find one in the next town and hopefully, it will be fixed tomorrow.

Frank (Frankjv), Bill (BILLWOODHOST), and Steve (SteelHorseRider) with Frank's BMW.

Bill T (CB1000 or TICHERICH) started the longest thread on the forum, "Ignore this message...", that has more than 2700 posted messages in it since 5/21/04.

Scott Benson (d.meteor) on Steve's (SteelHorseRider's) Magna as, left to right, Wayne (niteowl1948), Curt (a rally-goer who found us on the Internet and stopped by to join us), and Steve (SteelHorseRider) look on.

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