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Motorcycle Packing List - Introduction

By Walter F. Kern

Getting organized and packing your motorcycle for a long trip can be difficult. There is only so much space on the motorcycle and so much stuff to find a place for. You need a motorcycle packing list.

The following motorcycle packing list was first used by me when I took my 6000 mile trip west in 1993. This motorcycle packing list has traveled with me ever since in my jacket pocket.

The motorcycle packing list is alphabetical by Regular Stuff, Clothes, and Toiletries. You'll have to select each of the three parts separately for ease in printing. I also have a more printer-friendly version below.

Just place an X in the box where the item is stored. The notation Left, Right, Top, and Jacket gives the location where the item has been stored on the bike. Left means left saddle bag, right is for right saddle bag, top is either for a trunk or somewhere else on the top of the bike like a luggage rack or back seat if no co-rider. The jacket has lots of pockets and hiding places. Many of the list items can be stored somewhere in the jacket.

I like to pencil in a count of the number of each item next to the item.  The count will change depending on the length of the trip.

If you are pulling a trailer or running a sidecar, you might want to draw in another column on the left or right where you can put an X if the item is in the trailer or sidecar.

I hope this list will help you to get organized for that long trip.

If you print this list, you'll get a copy without the side menus and advertisements. You'll still have to do a little cutting and possibly pasting of the printed pages to get the complete list together.

Go to Page 1 for Regular Stuff part of Packing List
Go to Page 2 for Clothes part of Packing List
Go to Page 3 for Toiletries part of Packing List

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