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Motorcycle Road Tests Index for 2006 BMW K1200R

Gives motorcycle road tests that appeared in major motorcycle magazines or electronic magazines for the 2006 BMW K1200R motorcycle model.

Magazine Articles:

Cycle World -- September 2005, page 52 -- BMW K1200R: BMW's Muscle Missile

    "Nonetheless, attacking the track on a 516-pound bike with a 62.2-inch wheelbase seems at first glance to be a nutty proposition. But it's no more nutty than a 163-hp naked bike." -- Mark Hoyer, Feature Editor

MCN -- April 2006, page 20 -- BMW's Monstrous K1200R

    "In a radical departure from previous designs, the all new K not only uses a four-cylinder engine mounted transversely in the chassis, its cylinders are angled forward at 55 degrees from vertical. Tipping the cylinders 55 degrees from vertical effectively lowers the center of gravity." -- Walt Fulton, Contributor

Motorcyclist -- September 2005, page 32 -- Naked Bikes Rule!

    "For example, every single tester said, 'The K1200R is just a blast to ride!' 'I'd never imagine this from BMW!' And Barry Burke, our resident wrist who's scarily at home on Suzuki's fire-breathing '05 GSX-R1000, said, 'This is the first BMW I'd seriously consider owning.'" -- Charles Everitt, Senior Editor

Rider -- December 2005, page 24 -- Black Tie Rat Bike

    "Swing a leg over and the K1200R feels long and large for a naked sportbike, though its seating allows the rider to stretch out comfortably with a moderate amount of weight on feet and hands. It fires up readily with a growl, and throttle response is a pretty good compromise between abrupt and soft at most engine speeds." -- Mark Tuttle, Jr., Editor

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