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Motorcycle Road Tests Index for 2006 Victory Kingpin Deluxe

Gives motorcycle road tests that appeared in major motorcycle magazines or electronic magazines for the 2006 Victory Kingpin Deluxe motorcycle model.

Magazine Articles:

Rider -- March 2006, page 38 -- Ready to Ride

    "Swing a leg over and settle into the Kingpin's seat, with feet firmly on the ground. It only needs a little of the handlebar-mounted fast-idle control in the coldest weather to fire right up and belt out a loping idle, with a nice tone from the exhaust -- while many big twins sound overly muted, the Kingpin creates a clear rumble with noticeable power pulses, especially under acceleration." -- Mark Tuttle Jr., Editor

Rider -- August 2006, page 44 -- Kern County by Kingpin

    Editor's Note: The following article is not a regular road test. It's a tour of Kern County, CA by Victory Kingpin Deluxe motorcycle. Take a tour of the richest county in California and learn how it is to live with the Kingpin on a 200 mile, 2-week leisurely ride. See some great pictures of the Kingpin posing with old and new oil rigs.

    "That engine however, is a work of art. I've put many miles on Victory's Touring Cruiser with the original 92ci/1,507cc engine, but haven't many hours on this newer 100ci/1,634cc version. And it is fun. Whack that throttle in third, and we're at 90-plus mph in a long heartbeat. The OHC 50-degree V-twin is a happy revver, and will garner respect wherever it goes; the counterbalanced engine is quite smooth, and vibration was never a problem, With intelligent abuse of the gearbox, this baby will fly." -- Clement Salvadori, Contributor

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