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Motorcycle Road Tests Index for 2007 Kawasaki Z1000

Gives motorcycle road tests that appeared in major motorcycle magazines or electronic magazines for the 2007 Kawasaki Z1000 motorcycle model.

Magazine Articles:

MCN -- August 2007, page 16 -- Kawasaki Z1000: Z is for Zoom!

    "Handling feel is very subjective, and just about every rider has a slightly different opinion on how things should be. We found the bike's overall handling to be quick, nimble, and competent. However, most of us also felt that the bike's suspension setup was somewhat harsh on bumpy roads. We found the feedback superb, as the Kawi reps predicted, but the bike seems very sensitive to setup. The bike tends to stand up in corners when it encounters bumps, especially mid-corner ripples and pavement irregularities. Changing preload and rebound settings seemed to help, along with minor tire pressure adjustments. Not a big deal, but owners should make a special effort to dial in their suspension settings for aggressive street riding." -- Ken Freund, Contributor

Rider -- September 2007, page 72 -- Great Pretender: 2007 Kawasaki Z1000

    "The Z1000 does have its strong suits. As mentioned earlier, the bike really delivers in the midrange department. Shift into any gear in the slick gearbox and hammer the throttle, and you'd better hang on because the bike will really scoot. If the speed becomes too much the dual 300mm petal-type rotors squeezed by four-piston radially mounted calipers do a great job of bringing the bike to a stop. Initial bite is strong and only fades slightly during a hard flogging. A new radial brake master cylinder is in charge of getting the fluid to the calipers and delivers great feel to the rider." -- Troy Siahaan, Road Test Editor

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