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Motorcycle Road Tests Index for 2007 BMW F800ST

Gives motorcycle road tests that appeared in major motorcycle magazines or electronic magazines for the 2007 BMW F800ST motorcycle model.

Magazine Articles:

MCN -- September 2007, page 12 -- BMW F800ST: The perfect middleweight?

    "The most significant technological characteristic of the new compact, water-cooled 798cc parallel twin engine is the manner in which vibration is handled. Instead of using the more typical balance shafts with their attendant noisy chain or gear drives, the F800 engine employs a "dummy" connecting rod located between the "real" con rods, positioned 180 degrees in opposition to the movement of the pistons. This design cancels almost all of the parallel twin's inherent vibration, although some buzzing in the handgrips is noticeable at engine speeds above 3500 rpm (56 mph in sixth gear), and after extended riding at high rpm, the rider's hands may experience a slight numbness." -- Gary Prickett, Contributor

Rider -- October 2007, page 56 -- Bavaria on a Budget: 2007 BMW F800ST

    "Bringing everything to a stop is a pair of 320mm rotos in front paired with four-piston Brembo calipers. Out back rests a single disc and single-piston caliper; our test bike also came equipped with the optional ABS. Unlike other systems on the market that pulse on and off, BMW's ABS always applies some pressure on the rotors when the brakes are engaged. The system's computers adjust the brake pressure several times a second to bring the bike to a stop without locking the wheel. Other systems may completely engage and disengage the brakes during a cycle to slow the bike, which creates a pulsing feeling in the levers." -- Troy Siahaan, Road Test Editor

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