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Motorcycle Road Tests Index for 2008 Victory Kingpin 8-Ball

Gives motorcycle road tests that appeared in major motorcycle magazines or electronic magazines for the 2008 Victory Kingpin 8-Ball motorcycle model.

Magazine Articles:

Rider -- February 2008, page 40 -- The Hustler: 2008 Victory Kingpin 8-Ball

    "The bike starts simply and easily, and clutch pull is moderate. It moves out smartly with a minimum of clutch slippage, and the heel-and-toe shifter works with easy crispness. First gear has been given a lower ratio this year for enhanced starting and acceleration. The exhaust has a good, sharp note, with a bit of a bark to it; it's one that we journalists call 'authoritative.' Vibration is present, though only in its most pleasant guise of a gentle throbbing through the seat and grips as the revs rise, which is just where you want them." -- Bill Stermer, Contributor

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