Walter takes in the View from his motorcycle
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2008 Americade Pictures taken from May 30 - June 9, 2008

I have 96 pictures with captions from Americade 2008. Be sure to click after each page for more pictures. The pictures show the action during the preparation for the trip, the journey itself, the actual rally, and the trip home. Visits to our son and daughter and their families were also made since they live on the way to the rally.

Our third grandson greets Jane and me in Boonton, NJ.

Take me for a ride Poppy.

The trikes are put away for the night.

At Saratoga Springs, NY, Jane plays catcher as our daughter pitches and Jane's 8-year-old granddaughter bats.

Long hair and ponytails rule as our first granddaughter waits on the bench. She's number 5.

Jane waits outside our motel room in Lake George, NY as I pulled up on my red trike. She's between the two windshields.

Four members of the Spokes-Women MC (including Jane) joined me for supper.

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Our trikes are seen in the middle of this picture with the sky, lake, and mountains our daily view.

Canada Street scene near our motel

4-wheeled scooter

Color coordinated Honda Valkyrie trike with trailer

Night is arriving as bikes ride up the hill on Canada Street in the middle of town.

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