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Motor Scooter Picture - 1974 Vespa 150 Sprint Veloce

1974 Vespa 150 Sprint Veloce motor scooter

This is my 1974 Vespa 150 Sprint Veloce motor scooter. I have wanted an old Vespa scooter for twenty four years now and when I saw this beauty on eBay, I just could not resist entering a bid and I won it! A bargain at $2500 and a 45 minute drive in my faithful Dodge Dakota. She is all original except for the paint job. It is a little lighter than the original dark green but that's OK. It looks great to me. She was imported from Italia a couple of years ago with a freshly rebuilt engine and trans, new cables and aftermarket accessory front hubcap and polished aluminum front suspension arm cover. Not my cup of tea (I like them stock as a stone) but they are very valuable. Because it is a domestic model there is no battery or ignition key. That's right, just one or two swipes at the kick starter and she's off! A very UNsensitive kill switch is the only thing that can stop her! My Sportster 1200S feels neglected and forgotten nowadays (sniff sniff). She is everything I've always wanted: A cute little 4 speed lightweight Vespa that runs like a mad dog on 50:1 Chevron Supreme and Yamalube R (that I keep in jugs for our dirt toys) that I can cruise the beach on while people stare and think "What the Heck is That Thing?". I love it. -- Lonnie W. Cavenee

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