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Motor Scooter Picture - 2007 Piaggio MP3 250 motor scooter

Motor Scooter Picture of a 2007 Piaggio MP3 250

This is my 2007 Piaggio MP3 250 motor scooter. It's a scoot that will lean with its two wheels in front and has a locking mechanism which will allow you to flip a switch upon getting below 5 mph and lock the front end so as to hold it rigid until you decide to unlock. If you have the engine running and start out, the lock will automatically unlock at a specific RPM. You can get off and push it around or whatever (with engine off). It also has a parking brake. It's a neat machine. It handles well on roads at 65, in wind, and on curves. I am still getting comfortable with it as it is a higher seated machine and I am short. I have not named it yet except I call it "P" sometimes. -- Joan Jennings

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