Walter taking in the View from his motorcycle at Americade
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Americade Motorcycle Rally

By Walter F. Kern

The best organized touring rally in the world

Americade has an active Web site visited by thousands of motorcyclists. Their message board starts getting messages after the first of the year inquiring about all manner and sort of things. After the rally, the board heats up again with thank-you's to the staff, comments about good times, some criticisms addressed to people and events, and inquiries to attendance figures, accidents, and the like. You should spend a little time on this message board to get the flavor of Americade. You will find Americade to be decidedly upbeat and positive.

Since most people are having such a good time, they neglect to take pictures and videos. Americade helps out in this regard by producing a one-hour video which you can purchase. Some have taken pictures and put them on personal Web sites so the returning ralliers can wind down more gracefully by revisiting the scenes of Americade they just left.

If you like going to rallies that are organized, go to Americade.

Americade rallyThey have over 200 volunteers who give up their summer vacations to make this rally run smoothly. If you just want to ride your bike to a place where the scenery is beautiful, the people are friendly, bikes are everywhere, and you just want to hang out, come to Americade. Many ride up for an overnight if they can find a room, go to the giant TourExpo for the day to buy something for their bike or get it pinstriped, have a great meal, hang out on Canada Street and have a blast. There are a small minority that want to be heard and seen and insist on the loudest pipes, the smokiest exhaust, or the highest wheelies to gain attention. The police are usually seen rounding them up before they can hurt themselves.

Attend Americade University to hear experts discuss all aspects of motorcycling. Also, be sure to catch numerous returning speakers, comedians, and entertainers.

Read more about how to have a good time at Americade. Check out my feature, Ten Ways to Enjoy Americade.

To get an idea of what goes on at Americade, read my blog, Americade Motorcycle Rally Day-By-Day Blog for 2008.

Visit the Americade Rally Website.

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