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Motorcycle Santa - The Vacation

The following is a fantasy story about Motorcycle Santa.

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Santa Claus always liked to ride his motorcycle. In the winter, Santa couldn't ride because there was too much snow and he had other things to do. We all know what those other things were.

In the summertime, Santa didn't have much to do in July because all the elves were busy making toys for the Christmas run and they let him rest.

So, Santa liked to hop on his motorcycle and ride through the country every chance he got. He had a small bag of toys on his bike to give to children he might meet in his travels. He also had saddlebags on the back and he always let one elf ride along in one of them to keep him company.

Santa liked to think while he was riding. He thought and he thought and he thought some more. He thought about taking a vacation.

Getting all the toys made, checking all the lists twice, loading the sleigh and getting all the routes planned had made Santa really tired. After his long night delivering all the toys he was very, very tired.

Santa wanted to take his motorcycle on a vacation but he didn't know where he should go or what he should do so he decided to ride down by the river.

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All Santas are from a POSSIBLE DREAMS® collection owned by Jane Ann Kern. All photos by Walter Kern.

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