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Motorcycle Santa - The Game

"You hide your eyes," said Elizabeth. "Then I'll take the board and remove each piece and place it in plain sight somewhere in either the living room or the hallway. When I have them all placed, I'll tell you. Now, DON'T PEEK."

Little seven-year-old Elizabeth hurried about the two rooms looking for places to put the pieces. She tried to put most of them on or near her Nana's Santa collection or other Christmas decorations. The first piece went in the whiskers of a tall Santa that stood next to the chair.

She ran back to Motorcycle Santa and handed him the empty board. "You go find all the pieces and place them in the puzzle board," she whispered in his ear. "I'll help you and tell you when you're hot or cold."

The game was on!

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All Santas are from a POSSIBLE DREAMS® collection owned by Jane Ann Kern. All photos by Walter Kern.

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