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Motorcycle Tattoo Picture

By Walter F. Kern

My motorcycle tattoo picture

This tat was done by "Doc Forbes" of Vancouver, BC. The tat on my left arm is the center emblem of the Colours of the Pharoahs MC, an Outlaw club in Victoria BC during the late 1960s and early 70s. It consists of the top part of a skeleton wearing a Pharoahs head dress and Iron Cross. The top rocker said Pharoahs and the bottom rocker said Victoria and were done in black and gold. I drew the tat and Doc put it on in early 1970. About the mid 70s the Pharoahs were absorbed by the Bounty Hunters MC of Victoria, whom I rode with for awhile. They in turn were absorbed by the Hells Angels, whom I did not have an afiliation with, my job having taken me away from bikes for a number of years by then. I am now retired and living in Mexico City, where last Saturday we had a rally to celibrate Harley's anniversary. Over five thousand riders occupied the square (Zocalo) in the center of the city before going on a run to an event out by the airport. Mexico does not limit the number of bikes that can ride in a group, so seeing two hundred bikes going on a run through the city is common, although the 5,000 was certainly a record. I took the photo myself using a mirror, which was a bit of a trick. The tat is in remarkably good shape, considering that it is now 43 years old. Tats have sure come a long way since then, both in designs and colours available. I ride a 1968 Harley-Davidson Sportster XLCH. -- Clayton Restall

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