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Motorcycle User Reviews - 2006 Suzuki Boulevard C50

Bought 2006 C50 in Sept 05 and have 14,500 miles on it now. Added: saddle bags, passenger foot boards and back rest, pull back handle bars, Suzuki crash bars, Vetter fairing, plugs Honda dpr9ea-9(Texas heat), Wix oil filter, Amsoil in engine (removed noise and vibration) and rearend, K&N air and plugged intake holes and drilled 12 half inch holes along the bottom(deeper sound)... Runs cooler and even better with the air mods.

I like the high octane -- no knocking. Valves never adjusted. Runs strong and smooth. No problems at all. Commute 44 mi every day for 13 months now, very reliable.

I do see some cracks around the front hub left side and I'm watching it closely. -- Steve Boone

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