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Motorcycle User Reviews - 2007 Suzuki Boulevard C90SE

Purchased new in '07 without even a test ride. I was looking for a long stroke, tall geared, 45 degree V twin, that will lope along on the highway at low RPMs.

First impression was: "Wow! This feels big and heavy." That disappeared fast after the ride home. It is very true, that in the world of cruisers bigger is better.

After 15,000 km this is my impression:

Pros: Great bike on the highway. Its tall gears make riding all day at speed very relaxing. The size and weight of the bike make for a great ride even on windy days. Love the heal toe shifter. Spotlights work great for night riding and give good visibility in the daytime. Nice comfy seat for you and your passenger. Really like the FAT look. Tranny works very good, no problems. Shaft Drive is great. F.I. works perfectly. Long Stroke motor for lots of torque low in the RPM range.

Cons: Noisy motor, sounds like piston slap, wrist pin, or rod end slop in motor. This racket does NOT give the impression of quality! Would rather have a single pin crank for better exhaust note. Gas tank is too small. Forks are harsh, need softer springs.

Final Impression: I have owned many bikes, but I have never owned a bike that I wanted to ride as much as this C90. I have spent many 12-hr days on this thing and could have gone longer. If Suzuki would upgrade the items I listed in the cons section, this would be a very hard-to-beat bike. And they should have done that 10 years ago! -- Rob McGinley

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