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Motorcycle User Reviews - 2005 Suzuki C90T

I agree with Rob McGinley's review of the C90 in its entirety. The very worst thing about this bike is the stupid little gas tank: 3.5 gal on this big bike. It provides a range of about 125-135 miles, not enough! On long trips I need to pack a couple of gallons in two small gas containers. A big nuisance.

I modified this bike with a Cobra 2 in one exhaust and a Cobra 2000 F.I. module, a must after a full exhaust system mod. The bike sounds great and runs better. I recommend using iridium spark plugs.

I also fitted the bike with hardbags and a slick wired hard trunk. Looks great.

I ditched the stock windshield and replaced it with a Rifle fairing and shield. Much more comfortable for highway cruising.

I put a thick rubber pad on the right floorboard because the transferred engine vibration was making my right foot go numb after a while. It's not perfect but it is an improvement.

I installed Cobra Fatty bars and made chaps for them -- great in cool/damp weather. The chaps trap some engine heat and keep your legs warm. I live in northern Canada.

This bike really looks beautiful and people are constantly coming up to me when I'm parked in public and sitting on it. It's a "chick magnet" for sure.

The cons that I can't change are the fuel capacity, at least not without an expensive and complicated refit. The front shocks bottom out hard if you hit a small pothole. I also installed a louder horn, the stock horn is a pathetic "meep, meep."

As it now sits, this bike is a great long distance highway ride. It's solid and throbs along for hours at 70 mph and much faster. I don't recommend it for around town riding. An analogy would be driving a one-ton truck in congested traffic and looking for a place to park. If you make the mistake of parking it nose first to the curb, good luck getting it back on the road by yourself -- 850 lbs and no reverse.

This a spectacular looking ride if you trick it out a bit and is basically solid as a rock. The Harley snobs won't sneer at you.

I use my modified Yamaha 650 Classic for urban riding, a sweet zippy smaller bike and very nimble.

At first when I got this C90T, stock with almost no mileage on it, I hated it right away. It was way too quiet and lugged between first and second gear. Add to that a clanky transmission and weighing 800 lbs plus. It was nothing I liked much but after three years of owning it, I've made it into a real swan of a highway bike.

Don't get this bike as an urban commuter. There are much better options. -- R.Jay Spragg

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