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Yamaha Motorcycles

By Walter F. Kern

Gives articles, features, and links about Yamaha motorcycles.

Yamaha Profile
Each item on the Motorcycles site that has to do with Yamaha is listed on the profile. As new content is added about the make, that content will be added to the profile.

Yamaha Motorcycle History and a Quiz Too
Some may think they already know a lot about Yamaha, its history and its machines. Perhaps you would like to take a trivia quiz on Yamaha and skip the rest of this article. That's OK but you may want to come back later for more information.

Yamaha Model Information
Gives Yamaha motorcycle model information.

Yamaha User Reviews
Motorcycles visitors continue to contribute User Reviews of Yamaha motorcycles as well as for other bikes. These reviews are offered to assist you in buying decisions and, of course, remain the personal observations of the reviewers.

Gary's Bridgestone and Yamaha Motorcycles
This site has several pages of the history of Yamaha and some pictures of Yamaha motorcycles.

International Star Riders Association
This is the official site devoted to Yamaha V-Star, Drag Star, Road Star, Wild Star, or Royal Star motorcycles. They also have a very popular forum on Delphi.

Walter's Books:

KJS Motorcycle Works
This Ontario, Canada company specializes in the Yamaha Virago and provides intake manifolds and carburetors. They also sell Prismic Design kits which are accessory body kits for the Virago.

Motorcycle Touring Association
This is an all-brands motorcycle club with emphasis on riding/touring. The club began as the Venture Touring Society (the original owners group for the Yamaha Venture from 1983 to 1993). During this period the club evolved to become a true members organization dedicated to the premise that it doesn't matter what you ride as long as you ride.

Road Star Riders Forum
Very popular forum on Delphi devoted to the Yamaha Road Star motorcycle.

Star Touring and Riding Association
Web site of the Yamaha Star Touring and Riding Association. This site caters to both members and guests. Has online application, dealer links, events, rides and rallies.

Yamaha RD / RZ Motorcycle Home Page by Alek Hayes
This site is devoted to the RD and RZ Yamaha models. It has an active forum.

Yamaha Realistic Papercraft Motorcycles
Download layouts and instructions to make papercraft motorcycles.

Yamaha XS 650 Classic Club Motorcycles
This site has many pages of Yamaha XS 650 information and photos for the XS 650, which sold from 1970-1983 and was Yamaha's biggest seller of all time.

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