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2006 BuRP Motorcycle Rally Blog - Day 1

This year I'm publishing highlights of the 2006 BuRP rally, day by day in a blog. BuRP was scheduled for July 10-15 this year. The blog will also include my preparations for getting ready to take the ride to Maggie Valley, NC from the Wing Ding rally at Nashville, TN and my observations while there.

Today, we left the GWRRA Wing Ding Rally held at Nashville, TN (see previous blog entries). We were on the road at 8 a.m. this morning riding with another couple from our F-Troop chapter. That couple was making a special twistie-style run to Maggie Valley and we were tagging along. When we got near Maggie Valley, our two GPSs began giving opposing directions. It appears that the two-up couple's GPS was programmed to hit the scenic routes while mine was set to make the fastest route. The result was that at one corner, my GPS said GO LEFT while my friend's GPS said GO RIGHT. He went RIGHT followed by Jane and I went LEFT. They turned around and rejoined me. Then we pulled off and checked the maps. My route was taking me way north and back around to Maggie Valley. His route was taking the shortcut scenic route. By that time, they decided to just continue on to their motel for the night and I turned around and headed back to pickup the scenic route. That was until I got stuck in Pigeon Forge, TN and Dollywood traffic. Too many people looking for Dolly Parton I guess. Then we decided to change our minds again and turned around to take the long route that would take us up to I40 East and on to Maggie Valley, at high speed. That worked out well and we arrived at our motel late about 6 p.m. We became the first arrivals at the BuRP rally.

The wireless setup at the motel was working about as well as it was last year. That means it wasn't working in my room but was halfway down the front of the motel on the porch area. Our intrepid host, Danny, had already obtained an antenna booster but had not installed it. When I again indicated that wireless was not working for me, he set about installing and troubleshooting the equipment and software and currently, it's working beautifully as I write this blog entry.

There will be a few more people arriving at BuRP tomorrow. I also have to do my Pictures of the Week and work on my Motorcycles Newsletter. Also, it's time to do the laundry. What else may transpire is totally unknown but I'll be sure to fill you in on the highlights if you stop by tomorrow about this same time.

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