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2006 BuRP Motorcycle Rally Blog - Day 2

This year I'm publishing highlights of the 2006 BuRP rally, day by day in a blog. BuRP was scheduled for July 10-15 this year. The blog will also include my preparations for getting ready to take the ride to Maggie Valley, NC from the Wing Ding rally at Nashville, TN and my observations while there.

We got up early today and rode out to have breakfast at a place recommended by our motel host, Danny. Then we scouted a laundromat suggested by our motel hostess, Gina. It was a little different, at least to us. You dropped off your dirty clothes, they washed and dried them, folded them, and even delivered them to your motel. Pretty neat service which we quickly bought into.

Bill and Brenda soon arrived at the motel in their car pulling a trailer with two motorcycles on board. Bill rode in on a third bike. Here's a picture of Bill getting ready to take the bikes off the trailer as Jane watches. Later, Solobear arrived. Then Amanda, her dad, Bill, and Ed arrived pulling a big enclosed trailer with two bikes.

I had some more problems with the wireless Internet connection here at the motel. It was intermittent. For awhile I had to use my AOL dial-up service to do work on the site. Then our motel host, Danny, located the antenna just outside my door on a porch post. That really worked. Let's hope it continues so my blog will continue throughout BuRP.

Jane had a little mishap after supper. She was standing on the driveway and stepped back not realizing that immediately behind her was a raised concrete barrier used as a tire stop for vehicles. She lost her balance and fell backward against a vertical porch post hitting the back of her head. She was in quite a bit of pain but currently after using an ice pack, she seems better. She has a large bruise and swelling. I'm keeping her under observation and consulted the Internet for head injury tips. She will be taking it easy for a few days -- something that is usually not possible for her.

We never intended to stay throughout the complete BuRP rally. We will be leaving early Thursday to head back to New Jersey to make a family commitment this weekend.

A few more people will be arriving tomorrow. Most of the guys will be going out for a ride while the gals will be staying around town. I'll be trying to take advantage of the time that the wireless is available to get caught up on some more work.

Photos © 2006 Walter Kern

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