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2006 BuRP Motorcycle Rally Blog - Day 3

This year I'm publishing highlights of the 2006 BuRP rally, day by day in a blog. BuRP was scheduled for July 10-15 this year. The blog will also include my preparations for getting ready to take the ride to Maggie Valley, NC from the Wing Ding rally at Nashville, TN and my observations while there.

Arriving today were: Alicia and Dan; Carrie and mom, Carol; Bob; Scott (Doc Meteor); Scott (Voyager); Tony and Laura; Curt; Jack Riepe; Rick; Wayne (NiteOwl) and Judy; and Vulcan008 (Tony). I may have a few of those names messed up. Jack Riepe's arrival created the most stir since he is so well known on the forum as Vindak8r.

Most of the guys went out for a ride today. Most of the gals went scouting places for the upcoming poker run. We started going to the local restaurants in larger and larger groups as more people arrived.

Jane was feeling better after her fall yesterday. She was even able to put a helmet on and ride pillion with me to supper.

The wireless Internet service continues to work flawlessly allowing me to try to keep up with my site. I'm working on a modification to my Motorcycle User Reviews so that people can submit a picture of their bike with their review.

I'm going to be creating and populating a gallery of pictures about the BuRP rally. If you also click the picture shown here, it will take you to the start of that gallery. I'll be working to complete the gallery as I get time.

Jack Riepe arrived last today accompanied by several other riders. He arrived tired from the ride but full of humor as usual. If you haven't checked out any of Jack's humorous columns on the lighter side of motorcycling, please take a look at his blog, Twisted Roads.

Tomorrow will be a poker run. Also, more rally-goers will be arriving. I'll be doing many more pictures and placing them in the gallery described above.

Photos © 2006 Walter Kern

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