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Motorcycle Trikes Picture - 2000 BMW K1200LT Trike

Motorcycle trike picture of a 2000 BMW K1200LT trike

This is my 2000 BMW K1200LT trike with just 7000km on the clock. The trike has a triple tree and is fitted with EZI STEER which has about a 4 degree rake. It has a Holden diff and disc brakes on the rear wheels and boasts a hand brake for easy parking on slopes together with a reverse gear. Has new 8 inch low profile mag wheels on the back and run on 8 lbs psi. It has standard hand and seat heaters, an adjustable screen, on board stereo tape CD, trip computer and cruise control. The only feature I had to give up was ABS Braking. It runs on high octane fuel and goes along very nicely. Conversion cost NZ $9000 (68 US cents to NZ dollar). EST value NZ $35000-- TRIX

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