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Motorcycle Trikes

By Walter F. Kern

Gives articles, features, and links about motorcycle trikes.

How To Ride a Motorcycle Trike
This step-by-step How-To gives you the major steps to becoming a successful trike rider.

Motorcycle Trikes - A Gallery
Pictures and descriptions of motorcycle trikes are given. Submit your own trike's picture

2008 Thoroughbred Stallion User Review
I test ride a Stallion at Americade.

2000 Honda Gold Wing SE Motor Trike Test
Motorcycle trikes are becoming a booming market. I convert my 2000 Honda Gold Wing SE to a Motor Trike, give you a description of the resulting trike and take you on a road test. Numerous pictures of the trike are given.

Motorcycle Trikes
A strange new vehicle has recently been seen by some motorists. They encounter it at gas pumps and on the highways. They see it glistening way up ahead on the road and can't quite figure out what it is. They speed up to get a better look. Kids roll down the windows and yell, "Hey, what is that thing?" The owner of this likeable 3-wheeled vehicle just smiles back and says, "It's a trike."

Trikes are IN
Trikes are different from motorcycles but just as much FUN. I buy one.

Flat Stanley's Motorcycle Trike Adventure - YouTube Video
I take a ride with Flat Stanley and teach him how to ride a motorcycle trike.

Motorcycle Trike Lifts Off the Ground - YouTube Video
Video I took at a trike safety class that shows the rear wheel of a trike lifting off the ground.

See trike manufacturers and other trike links after the ads...

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Anderson Dynamics
ANDERSON DYNAMICS is a start-up component trike company developed to manufacture, assemble and market component trike kits and turnkey vehicles. The RKTSHP (Rocket Ship) is their first product: a two seat, high performance, lightweight, mid-engine, three wheel vehicle, or trike.

From Bikes to Trikes
What type of motorcycle are older riders looking for? The purpose of this article is to start a dialogue, share information and educate motorcycle and accessory manufacturers about the needs of the older rider or the rider with physical limitations.

California Sidecar
The company known for sidecars also sells trike conversions. All the trike models are described including engineering and suspension.

Campagna T-Rex
This Canadian company produces a three-wheeled combination car-motorcycle that is most likely classified as a trike. It has two wheels in front controlled by a steering wheel and one wheel behind driven by a motorcycle engine. It will catch your eye.

Can-Am Spyder Reverse Trike
One of the hottest trikes on the market, the Spyder is a reverse trike with two wheels in front. The vehicle has a Vehicle Stability System (VSS) including Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), Traction Control System (TCS), and Stability Control System (SCC) making it rock solid in cornering and swerving maneuvers.

Champion Trikes
This Huntington Beach, CA manufacturer of sidecars now produces trikes for Gold Wing and Harley-Davidson conversions.

Cheetah Trikes
Cheetah trikes, located in Charlestown, IN, build only turnkey V-8, automatic trikes, no kits.

DFT Trikes
This Illinois firm does conversions for H-D and Gold Wing.

Elio Motors
Is it a car? Is it a trike? It may be both. Reserve yours now.

GWRRA SIG Message Board - Trikes
A Special Interest Group (S.I.G.) of the Gold Wing Road Riders Association (GWRRA), this message board caters to Gold Wingers riding trikes. You need to be a member of the GWRRA.

Hannigan Trikes
This Murray, Kentucky USA company make the Hannigan trike. They also sell sidecars, cargo trailers and tri-cars.

Lehman Trikes
Offers trike conversions for Harley, Harley Police bikes, Honda, BMW, and Suzuki.

Leola Motor Trike
This is one of the largest Motor Trike dealers, located in Leola, PA USA. This is also the dealer who did both of my Motor Trike conversions.

Motor Trike
This Texas company is a leading manufacturer of trike conversions. Their Web site lists all their products and gives dealers.

Motorcycle Tour Conversion - the Voyager
An alternative to the standard trike conversion is this easy-on, easy-off Voyager system available at less than half the usual cost. They advertise "From 2 wheels to 4 wheels in 5 minutes."

Polaris Slingshot
It looks like a race car but it only has one rear wheel and it costs about $25,000.

Rat Race Productions
This Phoenix firm provides complete customized VW trike conversions. Beware of racy pictures.

Renegade Trike Corp.
These trikes are custom built using Chevy V-8 automatics. The firm is located in Indiana.

Located in Minnesota and Daytona Beach, this firm does conversions for H-D, Honda Gold Wing and Valkyrie, or will build you a VW powered trike.

Bolt on the InstaTrike and get a trike-like vehicle for a fraction of the cost. Several models are presented and many makes can be converted.

Three-Wheeled Vehicles
This article by James R. Davis cautions the reader that both trikes and sidecars handle differently from motorcycles. You must practice.

Trike Talk Forum
Comprehensive trike resource with an active triker forum.

Triker Ox's Home Page
This trike enthusiast's personal page depicts his life of triking along with some personal asides. Lots of pictures. He has a quote in the NY Times.

Trikers' Club House
This Web site is a triker discussion group. You have to register to access. Has pictures and bios of members. Particularly good pic of Trader.

Tri-Wing Industries
This company developed the first "bolt on" conversion kit for Gold Wings and has since developed this style of kit for the Yamaha Venture Royale.

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