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Motorcycle Recall - Ducati

NHTSA Campaign ID:  07V477000
Component:  Engine and Engine Cooling
Manufacturer:  Ducati North America
Recall Date: 10/08/2007
Potential Number of Units Affected: 8
Defect Summary:
On certain motorcycles, the water impeller does not turn due to the installation of an incorrect layshaft. Improper operation of the water pump could occur causing overheating of the engine components and possibly engine seizure.
Consequence Summary:
If the engine stopped while the motorcycle was being driven, it could increase the risk of a crash.
Corrective Summary:
Dealers will check the water pump for proper operation and will replace it if necessary free of charge. The recall is expected to begin during November 2007. Owner may contact Ducati at 408-253-0499.

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