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Motorcycle Recalls - Motorcycles with Defects are Recalled

By Walter F. Kern

Everyone assumes that the new motorcycle they buy will be trouble-free. In fact, many riders only buy new bikes to eliminate some of the repair problems associated with used bikes. However, motorcycles do develop problems and some are serious enough that they have to be fixed using a motorcycle recall program.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) maintains a database of vehicle recalls. I have extracted motorcycle recalls from this database for recalls beginning in 2006. I will be updating this Motorcycle Recalls feature whenever I see a new recall in the NHTSA database. See links below for motorcycle recalls sorted by Year-Make-Model and by Make-Year-Model

Also, from time to time, motorcycle equipment items (such as helmets) may be recalled. The equipment items are also handled by the NHTSA.

When I receive new motorcycle recalls, I will post them on the Home Page of Motorcycle Views, in my Motorcycle Views Blog, this Motorcycle Recalls feature, and on Facebook and Twitter. All recalls are also listed in my Motorcycle Views Newsletter.

Check to see if your motorcycle has a motorcycle recall

Motorcycle Recalls by Year

Motorcycle Recalls by Make

Latest Ten (10) Motorcycle Recalls

Motorcycle Equipment Recalls

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