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Motorcycle Recall - Kawasaki

NHTSA Campaign ID:  08V114000
Component:  Fuel System, Gasoline: Delivery: Hoses, Lines/Piping, and Fittings
Manufacturer:  Kawasaki Motors Corp., U.S.A.
Recall Date: 03/06/2008
Potential Number of Units Affected: 31789
Defect Summary:
Kawasaki is recalling 31,789 Vulcan 900 Classic, Custom and Classic LT models, model year 2006 VN900B6F, VN900B6FL, VN900D6F, VN900D6FL, model year 2007 VN900B7F, VN900B7FL, VN900C7F, VN900C7FL, VN900D7F, VN900D7FL, and model year 2008 VN900B8F, VN900B8FL, VN900C8F, VN900D8F and VN900D8FL motorcycles. The fuel hose may not be properly connected to the fuel injector delivery pipe.
Consequence Summary:
Continued use of the motorcycle can result in the fuel hose coming off, increasing the possibility of a fuel leak which could result in a fire or explosion.
Corrective Summary:
Dealers will inspect the fuel hose connection at the fuel injector and fuel pump and will replace the fuel hose if the joint lock is found to be damaged. The recall is expected to begin on or about March 17, 2008. Owners may contact Kawasaki at 1-866-802-9381.

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