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Move a Motorcycle By Starting It and Putting It In Gear

By Walter F. Kern

Step 10: Move the Motorcycle

You now have the bike in first gear with the clutch lever fully depressed to the left handlebar grip. You are ready to ride the motorcycle straight for a short distance. You now have to be able to coordinate the right hand on the throttle and the left hand on the clutch lever to slowly move the motorcycle.

If the surface is level, you may be able to slowly let the clutch out until the bike begins to move (see picture below) and then let the bike continue to where you want to stop, all the time paddling your feet on the ground. Then depress the clutch all the way to the grip and apply the front brake slowly. Don't turn the handlebars.

If you intend to actually ride the bike, you need to learn many more skills. They involve checking around you for oncoming traffic, slowly releasing the clutch to the point of movement and simultaneously applying a small amount of throttle to gain some speed.

Then you need to quickly get your feet up on the pegs and balance the bike. If ever you get into trouble, keep your wits and quickly depress the clutch, release the throttle, and start applying the rear brake while keeping your head up and the handlebars straight ahead.

The actual skills to ride can not be covered here. It's best that you take an MSF course to learn all the steps to be a safe rider. The steps given here are for emergency situations when a bike needs to be moved under its own power.

Riding a motorcycle requires many acquired skills. You need to learn them all.

If you are don't want to be so adventurous and just want to move the bike without starting it, try my 10-step procedure, "Move a Motorcycle Without Starting It."

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Release the Clutch
Gradually Release the Motorcycle Clutch
© Walter Kern

  1. Turn On the Fuel Supply
  2. Pull Out the Choke
  3. Turn ON the Ignition
  4. Set the KILL Switch to RUN
  5. Depress the Clutch Lever
  6. Shift Into Neutral
  7. Check the Neutral Indicator Light
  8. Start the Motorcycle
  9. Shift Into First Gear
  10. Move the Motorcycle

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